2017苹果全球开发者大会 盘点Apple出了啥?

2017-06-09 11:29



  On Monday, over 5,000 developers packed the San Jose Convention Center to listen to Tim Cook and other Apple execs share the latest innovations out of Cupertino. The company unveiled its most powerful Mac yet, a long-awaited Siri speaker, and tons of new software upgrades across all of the Apple platforms, from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Missed the keynote speech? Here’s a recap of the nine biggest announcements from WWDC 2017.


  Apple HomePod


  Siri gets a place of its own with the HomePod, Apple’s new smart speaker. The device comes with seven tweeters and runs on an Apple A8 chip. It gives you a direct line to Siri. Ask it to play Beats 1 Radio, deliver the weather forecast, set a timer, or control your HomeKit devices.

  苹果语音助理(Siri)在苹果新型智能扬声器——苹果音箱中找到了自己的位置。该设备装有7个高频扬声器,通过苹果A8芯片运行。苹果音箱使你可以直接连线苹果语音助理,要求它播放之声节目(Beats 1 Radio)、播送天气预报、设定计时器或控制你的智能家居平台设备(HomeKit)。

  The Most Powerful Mac Ever Made


2017苹果全球开发者大会 盘点Apple出了啥?

  The all-new iMac Pro packs monster power into the same sleek design that makes Apple products so covetable. It comes with processors up to 22 teraflops, memory up to 128 gigs, and as much as 4 terabytes of storage. Apple also introduced upgrades to the entire line of MacBooks and iMacs, all of which are now getting a boost with Intel’s super efficient Kaby Lake processors.

  全新的苹果电脑(iMac Pro)拥有同样时尚的设计,并载入了强大的功能,使这款产品令人垂涎。它搭载了每秒可进行22万亿次浮点运算的处理器,内存达128GB,硬盘容量达4TB。苹果公司还为MacBook和iMac系列的所有产品进行了升级,如今这两个系列的所有电脑都搭载了英特尔超高效处理器(Kaby Lake)使性能得到了提升。

  High Sierra macOS

  “High Sierra”操作系统

  The latest macOS, dubbed High Sierra, brings updates to everything on your computer: Safari now runs 80 percent faster, and comes with built-in autoplay blocking and intelligent tracking prevention to hide cross-site scripting data. New features in Mail spotlight your most important messages and use less storage space on your phone, and improved machine learning capabilities in Photos to automatically sort your library by event or detect who’s in your pictures.

  被称为“High Sierra”的最新款苹果电脑操作系统(macOS)更新了你电脑上的所有配置:如今浏览器(Safari)的运行速度提升了80%,还安装了内置的自动运行拦截工具和智能追踪预防工具来隐藏跨站点的脚本数据。电子邮件服务的新功能是突出显示你的重要信息,并占用更少的手机存储空间。新的macOS还提高了照片工具的机器学习能力,使其可以自动根据事件来分类照片,并检测你的照片上有谁。

  Amazon Comes to Apple TV


  Apple TV already has 50 partners integrated into the app to let you stream whatever entertainment you want—whether it’s Master of None on Netflix, the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, or Silicon Valley on HBO Go. Now, that list also includes Amazon, which will build its Prime Video library into Apple TVs later this year.


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