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  Taylor Swift is on track to chart one of the highest-grossing tours of all time, with projections that she could sell $450 million worth of tickets on her Reputation stadium tour which kicks off this summer.


  Swift is using a strategy deployed by Jay-Z and bands like The Rolling Stones -- price tickets high and have seats available on the primary market up until the day of show.


  That means few, if any, early sellouts but huge revenues, as tickets, especially premium seats, are marked up much higher than previous tours.


  In markets like Los Angeles, Swift has sold 110,000 tickets for her May 18 and 19 concerts at the Rose Bowl, an increase of 36 percent over her 2015 visit, where she performed six shows at Staples Center for 81,000 fans. Thousands of tickets for both Rose Bowl concerts are still available and promoter Louis Messina told Billboard in December he was confident every show on the tour would sell out over the next five months.

  在洛杉矶,泰勒5月18.19日两天在玫瑰碗演唱会门票已经卖出了11万张,比2015年增长了36%,那时她在斯台普斯球场的演唱会到场的粉丝只有8.1万。如今玫瑰碗的演唱会门票还有上千张待售,该活动的筹办人Louis Messina12月接受Billboard 采访时说,今年的每场演唱会门票在5个月后都会脱销,她对此很是笃定。

  The idea is to charge what people end up eventually paying for the ticket on the secondary market, capturing the revenue for the artist and making it more difficult for scalpers to flip the tickets on the secondary. While the practice does shift spending toward the artist, several ticketing professionals say they are concerned about how Swift’s high ticket prices will affect consumers.


  At Houston's NRG Stadium, where Swift plays Sept. 29, the cheapest tickets are $160 apiece, with some seats listed high up in the rafters selling for $230, meaning a young fan would have to pay between $400-$500 for a pair of tickets to her show.


  "Whenever I see an upper deck ticket priced above $200 for a football stadium tour I have a hard time imagining that fan will leave the show thinking they got their money's worth,” says Patrick Ryan, co-founder of ticketing and distribution company Eventellect. "Regardless of whether they bought that ticket on the primary or secondary market, $200 is a lot to spend on a seat literally in the rafters.”

  Patrick Ryan是票务发行公司的Eventellect的联合创始人,他说:“在体育馆的房梁上看演唱会都要花200美元,我很难想象歌迷们是怎样的体验,他们是否会觉得这钱花的值?不管是在主要市场还是次级市场,花200美元在房梁上看演出都有点不值。”

  While Ryan says he believes it is "good that the artist is taking a harder look at the ticket prices and isn't focused on getting an immediate sellout,” he said the consequences of high ticket prices could mean fans "go to fewer sporting events and other concerts during that same time frame.”


  "Overall, it's good and smart for Taylor to price her tickets higher,” he says, "but it could cannibalize other games or shows, because for most consumers, they don’t have an endless budget.”



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