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  Angelina Jolie took to the stage at The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast on Wednesday morning.

  周三早晨,在好莱坞2017年度女性娱乐早餐(The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Women In Entertainment Breakfast)的舞台上,安吉丽娜朱莉发表了演说。

  The Maleficent actress, 42, dressed in black as she addressed the crowd that included Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot, Lily Collins, Olivia Munn and Emmy Rossum.


  The mother-of-six gave a powerful speech about how women who assert themselves in Hollywood can inspire women all over the world.


  The room was silent as the estranged wife of Brad Pitt said her words.


  'We have the right to speak truth as we see it,' said the Oscar-winning Salt actress.


  'We all know women who were never able to live their creative dreams because they had to put their families first, who poured their creative truth into their families.'


  The Vogue cover girl spoke slowly and with passion as the room full of mostly women looked on.


  'We all know that our industry lacks diversity and equality and that there's so much we have to change.'


  Jolie was most likely referring to the pay gap where females are paid a fraction of what male stars earn.


  'But we have a level of freedom that is unimaginable for millions of other women around the world,' added the UN spokesperson.


  'Women who live with conflict and terrorism and displacement and poverty who never get a chance, whose voices are always silenced.'


  And the Tomb Raider star reminded the room that they have privileges most don't.


  'We don't have to keep our heads down, we don't have to think the film we made... could land us in prison where we might be tortured or punished.'


  She further drove home her point by saying: 'We don't have to worry that a play we did or what will be seen on TV will bring dishonor to our families.


  'We don't have to tailor out clothes or our pinions to what is acceptable to religious authority of violent extremist groups.'


  Angelina also said that 'we have the right to think freely and speak freely and put forward our ideas on equal terms.


  Then the superstar brought her speech back to what happens in Hollywood and how these ladies in the room are role models.


  'Asserting ourselves as female artists represents something really, really important in the world today,' said the star.


  Angelina last directed First They Killed My Father for Netflix. The star is committed to star in the sequel to Maleficent for Disney.



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