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  The Saoirse Ronan-starring Lady Bird has become the most universally well-reviewed film in the history of critical aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.

  西尔莎·罗南出演的电影《伯德小姐》成为影评严厉的烂番茄(Rotten Tomatoes)网史上评论最好的电影,没有之一。

  The film, as of November 27, has a perfect 100 per cent 'tomatometer' score, which indicates that 100 per cent of polled critics enjoyed it.


  And with 170 reviews tallied so far, the Greta Gerwig-directed film has surpassed the 163 fresh reviews earned by fellow 100 per cent-er Toy Story 2, the site reports. The Pixar film debuted in 1999.


  Gerwig, 34, told Rotten Tomatoes: 'This is completely amazing and so incredibly appreciated by the entire team that made Lady Bird.'


  In a glowing review, A.O. Scott of the New York Times wrote: 'You might think you've seen this all before.

  其中有条评论亮了,是来自纽约时报的A.O. Scott写道,“你可能之前看过相同类型的电影。”

  'You probably have, but never quite like this. What Ms. Gerwig has done — and it's by no means a small accomplishment — is to infuse one of the most convention-bound, rose-colored genres in American cinema with freshness and surprise


  Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune heaped similar praise on the film.

  来自芝加哥论坛报的Michael Phillips对该电影给出大同小异的褒奖。

  He wrote: 'Watching "Lady Bird" is like flipping through a high school yearbook with an old friend, with each page leading to another anecdote, another sweet-and-sour memory.


  Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post wrote: '"Lady Bird" is a triumph of style, sensibility and spirit. The girl at its center may not be a heavyweight, but her movie is epic.'

  华盛顿邮报的Ann Hornaday写道:“《伯德小姐》在形式,对于表现青春敏感,以及特质方面取得了巨大的成功。电影中主要角色女孩儿虽无足轻重,但是这部电影是史诗级的。

  The film is not exactly the best-reviewed film in the site's history. Its 8.9 average score is lower than that of fellow 2018 awards contender Call Me By Your Name (9.1).

  虽然这部电影不是该网站上评分最高的,8.9分低于2018年的同类型电影《请以你的名字呼唤我》(Call Me By Your Name (9.1))

  But the film's total lack of rotten reviews indicate that basically everyone is loving, or at least liking, the film.


  Lady Bird details the senior year of high school of Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson, a somewhat rebellious Catholic school teenager who desperately wants to leave her hometown of Sacramento, California for the East Coast.

  《伯德小姐》电影以就读于天主教学校高年级的Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson女生展开,她渴望离开家乡加利福尼亚的萨克拉门托,到东海岸去。

  'Lady Bird'frequently clashes with her equally strong-willed mother, Marion, played by Laurie Metcalf.

  影片中“伯德小姐”表现强势的母亲,玛丽恩由Laurie Metcalf扮演,在剧中两人冲突不断。

  The characters' complicated but ultimately deeply loving relationship provides the major crux of the film.


  'There aren't that many movies about the mother-daughter relationship and it's such a rich, beautiful, complicated thing,'


  Otherwise, the film goes through the trials and tribulations of the transformative year, with Lady Bird embarking on relationships with two suitors (played by Lucas Hedges and TimothéeChalamet), making new friends and losing old ones and applying to college. Tracy Letts also stars in the film as Lady Bird's father.

  电影中,伯德小姐在升学的一年关键时期,面对各种生活琐事和人生不易,开始恋爱初体验,有两个追求者(由Lucas Hedges和TimothéeChalamet分别饰演),交往新的朋友,老朋友渐渐淡出生活,申请大学等等一些列事情。Tracy Letts出演了伯德小姐的父亲。

  But she has repeatedly stressed that the film is not an autobiography but rather comes from a place of emotional truth and is inspired by the world in which she grew up.


  The film debuted in four theaters across the United States on the weekend of November 10 with $364,437 for a scorching per-theater average of $91,109. It is slowly being rolled out across the country and as of this past Thanksgiving weekend was playing in 724 theaters.


  Lady Bird is expected to be a major awards contender, particularly for its screenplay and its two main actresses.


  Last week, it was announced as a candidate for the Independent Spirit Awards' best picture, along with Call Me by Your Name, The Florida Project, Get Out and The Rider.


  Lady Bird is due to be released in the United Kingdom in February.



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