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  When we are born, we are unblemished. As we grow, we develop many complexities due to many influences in our lives. During childhood, we are repeatedly discouraged, chided, and in some cases, abused. As we grow older, we develop our own version of right and wrong. We create a world of our own.


  Our brain collects and retains all visual, auditory information from the moment we are born and to the smallest of the details. Apart from our brain having memory, cells in our body, in billions, have their own memory. In other words, our body store both physiological and psychological memories. We are complex emotional beings in nature compared to any other living animal.


  Apparently, physical and psychological memories strongly influence our emotions! Interestingly, we can create, store, and release emotion like energy. Moreover, if we do not process our emotions properly and suppressed for long time, they can find a way out violently and unexpectedly.


  Unfortunately, we carry our guilt throughout our lives effecting ever-increasing burden on our shoulders. We become heavy with guilt and anger for things we could or did not achieve, for things we cannot have, to cite few examples. Evidently, everyone carry his or her own sack of guilt and anger.


  One must question our nature of accumulating and carrying our guilt and anger until the end. Both guilt and anger are useless for us. They give us no advantage. Therefore, one may ask: is there a way to put down the sack from our weary shoulders? It is possible, indeed. Importantly, since our guilt and anger inside us neither addressed nor given attention, they are stored. Actually, we should process and address our emotions in order to remove from our system. We cannot just wish them away.


  In fact, by acknowledging their presence and providing a channel for them to dissipate, we can dissolve our emotions gradually. Taking drugs, consuming alcohol only aggravates situation. They only provide transient solace. Is there a better way to unload our burden? Luckily, we have natural gift to process our feeling and emotions. Forgiveness stands first of all other natural remedies.


  Indeed, there is no better way than forgiving ourselves. Notwithstanding, we should learn to readily forgive others. When we learn to forgive ourselves, we also naturally forgive others.


  In summary, there is no benefit carrying our years of emotional baggage. By forgiving, we can throw away the emotional baggage we carry for years, if not decades. Forgive your past mistakes. The moment you start forgiving, you feel lot lighter and years of heaviness lifted magically! To your surprise, you start feeling lot energetic and optimistic in your daily life.


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