苹果股价强劲上涨 华尔街被啪啪打脸(双语)

2018-05-09 09:40



  A strong rally in Apple shares on May 2nd capped a week-long rebound in US technology stocks that has Wall Street rethinking whether it underestimated the industry’s resilience after a sharp sell-off of the sector’s biggest names just a month ago.


  Shares in Austria’s AMS, which makes sensors used in Apple products and had warned of weaker orders from a “large smartphone programme” last month, enjoyed a sharp recovery, climbing more than 8 per cent. Dialog Semiconductor, which makes power management systems for the iPhone, climbed 8 per cent in Frankfurt.

  苹果传感器供应商、奥地利公司AMS的股价大幅反弹,涨幅超过8%。该公司上月警告称,来自一项“大型智能手机生产计划”的订单减少。为iPhone提供电路管理系统的戴乐格半导体(Dialog Semiconductor)在法兰克福证交所急升8%。

  In the US, Cirrus Logic, which makes audio processing chips and counts Apple among its largest customers, was up 2.4 per cent.

  在美国,音频处理芯片生产商Cirrus Logic股价上扬2.4%,苹果是其最大客户之一。

  Apple’s rebound took shares back to near the $183.5 all-time high touched in mid-March, before rising trade tension rattled global markets and hurt high-flying technology stocks that have led equities higher in recent years.


  Several Wall Street analysts admitted they had made the wrong call by predicting an iPhone slowdown, following negative commentary about the smartphone market from component suppliers such as TSMC and Samsung last month, while investors in both Apple and several suppliers in Europe breathed a sigh of relief.


  IDC on Wednesday said a slowdown in China dragged the global smartphone market down by 2.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2018, to 334.3m unit shipments.


  Apple managed to buck the trend, growing iPhone revenues by 14 per cent, the fastest rate in more than two years, thanks to its higher-priced X model. Even though unit volumes increased by just 3 per cent year on year, the iPhone’s average selling price was up 14 per cent. Apple’s guidance for the current quarter, ending in June, was also better than Wall Street had expected.

  苹果却实现了逆势增长,iPhone带来的收入增长了14%,为两年多以来最高增幅,这主要归功于定价较高的iPhone X机型。尽管iPhone销量同比仅增长3%,但平均售价上涨了14%。苹果对截至6月当前季度业绩的指引也好于华尔街此前的预期。

  The strong performance follows similarly impressive results from fellow “FANG” tech giants last week. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet all confounded recent jitters by posting quarterly earnings that reconfirmed their ability to grow quickly and, for most, throw off huge amounts of cash.


  “Significant inventory build in a tight commodity environment and with slowing smartphone growth is creating more noise than typical throughout the smartphone supply chain,” wrote analysts at Morgan Stanley. “Weaker iPhone supplier results suggested meaningful downside in the June quarter which didn’t come to fruition.”

  “在一个紧张的商品环境下,伴随着智能手机增长放缓,库存大量增加在整个智能手机供应链中造成了异常多的噪音,”摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的分析师们写道。“iPhone供应商业绩疲弱,暗示在这个季度会显著下滑,结果却不然。”

  Apple’s numbers helped two of the primary suppliers of optical components for the iPhone X facial-recognition system.

  为iPhone X面部识别系统提供光学元件的两家主要供应商受到了苹果业绩的推动。

  However, shares in other semiconductor suppliers to Apple in the US, including Broadcom, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, were little changed after Apple’s results on Wednesday morning.

  然而,苹果在周三上午公布业绩后,博通(Broadcom)、高通(Qualcomm)及德州仪器(Texas Instruments)等多家美国半导体供应商的股价几乎没有变化。

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