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  With each passing year, I like to take to time to reflect on the lessons that I’ve learned. These are the things that I’ve learned about life as I turn 28....


  1. Take accountability for your mistakes. If you find yourself blaming others, look for your part and take ownership.

  1. 自己犯的错要承担责任。在责怪别人之前先找找自己的过错,承担责任。

  2. Sometimes life puts you through circumstances that show you who’s really there for you. Focus on the ones who are there and who love and support you, rather than the ones that aren’t, or can’t be.

  2. 有时候生活会告诉你谁才是真正在乎你的人。把目光放在那些在乎你、爱你、支持你的人身上,不要在意那些不关心你也不会关心你的人身上。

  3. Listening is so much more important than talking. You already know what you know when you open your mouth. When you open your ears that’s when true learning takes place.

  3. 倾听比说话重要得多。用嘴巴说的时候你知道的不会增加,用耳朵听的时候你就真的是在学习。

  4. Our energy is one of our greatest resources, so it’s important to be careful who surrounds us. It’s okay to close the door on negativity. You’ll soon see how this preserves your positive energy.

  4. 能量是我们最重要的资源,所以我们要留意身边的人。把负能量拒之门外没有错,你很快就会发现这会保护你的正能量。

  5. Travel makes you richer - even if it’s not far from home. Opening your eyes to the world and all the wonders in it will enrich the quality of your life.

  5. 旅行会使你更富有,就算只是去附近的地方旅行。放眼世界,世界的精彩会让你的生活变得美好充实。

  6. The older we get, the faster time goes: the only way to slow it down is to be grateful for each moment.

  6. 年龄越大,时间走得越快。放慢时间的唯一方法就是感激每一刻。

  7. Be patient with the world around you, give others the benefit of the doubt, for you are the one who suffers most when you’re irritated.

  7. 耐心对待身边的人和事,要先假定他人没有错,因为你要是生气,最难受的还是你自己。

  8. Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to put limitations on your potential. Stick with competing with the person you were yesterday.

  8. 在你拿自己和他人比较的时候,你就限制了自己的潜力。坚持和昨天的自己竞争吧。

  9. It is inevitable that bad things will happen, to you or to someone equally undeserving of pain. These moments are meant to measure our reactions to the event, and that’s where you’ll see how strength is truly defined.

  9. 不管是在你身上还是别人身上,不管应不应该,不愉快的事情总会发生。这样的事情是用来衡量我们的应对能力的,从中你会发现什么是真正的强大。

  10. Support your friends dreams and encourage them whenever you can. An added benefit is that you’ll be happy to be surrounded by people who love their lives.

  10. 尽你所能支持朋友的梦想,鼓励他们。这样有一个好处,就是你身边会充满热爱自己生活的人。

  11. If you want things to change, start by changing yourself.

  11. 如果你想要让事情有所改变,先改变自己。

  12. If you genuinely don’t want to do something or go somewhere, be honest. No one wants to spend time with you when you wish you were somewhere else.

  12. 如果你确实不想做某件事或者去某个地方,坦白拒绝吧。如果你的心在别处,没人会想花时间和你在一起的。

  13. Follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid of them...or what other people think of them. Give it all you’ve got and you can never fail.

  13. 追随你的梦想,不要惧怕梦想,不要惧怕别人的看法。全力以赴,你就不会失败。

  14. Tell people your dreams, as often as they are willing to listen. Goals become more tangible when we say them aloud.

  14. 把你的梦想告诉别人,只要别人没有厌烦,说得越多越好。当你把梦想大声说出来,目标就会变得切实明确。

  15. Align yourself with like-minded people, people who motivate and inspire you, and those that make you feel genuinely happy when they are around. Treat them with love and respect.

  15. 和志趣相投的人做朋友,和会激励你、启发你的人做朋友,和在你身边会让你感到高兴的人做朋友。要用爱和敬意对待他们。

  16. Be a role model: let your actions and your words be unified. Be someone you’d look up to.

  16. 成为楷模,言行一致,成为一个自己敬仰的人。

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