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  The telecast for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday dragged on for almost four hours and, in the end, Oscar voters picked few surprise winners. But, perhaps the least surprising result of the night was the fact that television ratings for Hollywood’s most glamorous evening continued their years-long decline.


  Early numbers from media measurement service Nielsen show that the 2018 Oscars ratings may have been some of the lowest ever recorded. Nielsen reported an 18.9 overnight household rating for Sunday’s Oscars broadcast, which marks a rating drop of 16% from the 22.4 rating produced by last year’s telecast. (Nielsen’s household ratings measure the percentage of homes in the company’s metered markets watching a specific program or event.)

  媒体评估服务公司尼尔森的初期数据显示,2018年的奥斯卡收视率可能是有史以来最低的一次。根据尼尔森公布的信息,上周日奥斯卡颁奖典礼直播的家庭隔夜收视率为18.9 %,与去年电视直播的22.4%相比下降16%。(尼尔森的家庭收视率数据测算的是公司计量市场中收看特定节目或事件的家庭。)

  Last year’s Oscars telecast ultimately drew about 32.9 million total TV viewers, which was the smallest Academy Awards audience since 2008, hosted by comedian Jon Stewart, attracted 31.8 million viewers. The 2008 Oscars were reportedly the event’s lowest-rated telecast ever, though last night’s show looks like its ratings could come in significantly lower, potentially below 29 million viewers.


  Host network ABC’s own late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel hosted the event each of the past two years, including during the much talked-about Best Picture envelope snafu at the end of the 2017 awards. Any number of factors are often blamed for a low-rated award show, from an unpopular host to an unnecessarily long telecast or even nominees’ left-leaning politics.


  One reason already being offered for the latest dip in Oscars ratings is the fact that this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees featured few, if any, box-office blockbusters. In fact, the highest box-office gross among the Best Picture nominees belonged to the intense World War II drama Dunkirk ($525 million worldwide), which came up short in the major categories but ultimately went home with three Oscars for film editing and sound editing and mixing. The second highest-grossing movie among the primary nominees was Get Out, with $255 million, which did win director and screenwriter Jordan Peele an historic Oscar for its screenplay in one of Sunday night’s most talked-about moments.

  2018年奥斯卡收视率继续下滑的其中一个原因在于,今年的最佳影片提名中票房大片数量微乎其微。该项提名中票房收入最高的当属场面激烈的二战电影《敦刻尔克》(Dunkirk,全球5.25亿美元票房),它在主要奖项上成绩不佳,最终获得了奥斯卡最佳电影剪辑、最佳音效剪辑、最佳混音效果三个奖项。主要候选影片中票房收入第二高的是赢得2.55亿美元票房的《逃出绝命镇》(Get Out),该片为导演兼编剧奖编剧乔丹.皮尔赢得了最佳原创剧本奖,成为周日晚上最受热议的奖项之一。

  But, a driving factor for the Oscars’ recent ratings decline is almost certainly the rapidly-changing viewing habits of TV audiences, more and more of whom are choosing to stream their favorite content online (including on social media) rather than watching live on TV. Notably, Nielsen’s early ratings do not include digital and mobile viewership (though ABC only allowed viewers with cable subscriptions or live-TV streaming subscriptions to stream last night’s Oscars broadcast).


  Ratings for the Grammys dropped 24% this year. The Super Bowl hit a 7-year low. The top scripted network series gets a mere fraction of what the number-one show got 10 or 15 years ago. It’s a niche world. And things, as Tony Soprano once said, are trending downward.



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