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  1 .Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


  Author / Artist: Naoko Takeuchi


  Publisher: KodanshaComics


  Volumes: 18


  Usagiis a cheerful, sometimes scatterbrained teen who discovers that she (and her friends) are reincarnated warriors from Moon Kingdom who must save the world from the forces of darkness. With the help of two magical cats and her compatriots Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus (and many more Sailor Scouts who join the story later), Sailor Moon battles evil and discovers her ties to her past life may lead her to a future that she could have never imagined.


  Credited as the series that introduced North American readers to the joys of shojo manga when it was first published by TokyoPop, Sailor Moon was out of print for many years, until Kodansha Comics began republishing new editions (with new translations) in mid-2011. Now a new generation of shojo manga fans (as well as older readers who fondly remember Sailor Moon from their younger days) can rediscover why they love this quintessential magical girl adventure series once more.


  2.Fruits Basket


  Author/Artist: Natsuki Takaya


  Publisher: TokyoPop


  Volumes: 23


  Through a series of wacky circumstances, schoolgirl Tohru Honda takes up residence at the swank residence of the very wealthy, but very cursed Sohma family. Their magical burden? They turn into Chinese zodiac animals whenever they're hugged by a member of the opposite sex.


  Fruits Basket starts off as a goofy romantic comedy, then develops into an emotional roller coaster that mixes humor, fantasy, profoundly emotional romance and family drama for an addictive mix that has made it the best-selling shojo manga title in America. It's one of those classic shojo stories that should always be in print -- so hopefully another publisher will pick this series up someday if/when the existing copies of the TokyoPop edition ever become scarce.


  3 .Skip Beat!


  Author/Artist: Yoshiki Nakamura


  Publisher: Shojo Beat / VIZ Media

  出版商:Shojo Beat/VIZ Media

  Volumes: 26 (continuing)


  Plain Jane Kyoko Mogami moves to Tokyo with her childhood friend (and lifelong crush) Sho Fuwa, who is pursuing his dream of becoming a rock star. To support Sho, Kyoko quits school and works at several part-time jobs. But her illusions of romance are shattered when she discovers that Sho sees her only as a servant, not a girlfriend. Now burning with anger, Kyoko vows to get her revenge. Her plan? To enter the world of show business and become an even bigger star than Sho.


  Skip Beat! has one of the strangest heroines in shojo manga today. After having her heart broken by Sho, Kyoko is positively allergic to the thought of romance -- even when suave superstar actor Ren Tsuruga shows an interest in her. She takes on acting challenges with a passion that borders on obsession. She believes in fairies and has a pack of 'grudge' demons who pop out to give her advice.


  So why do I love Skip Beat so much? Maybe because it's got a quirky mix of humor, glamour and romance that's unlike any other shojo manga out there today. Sure, she's weird, but Kyoko's got a knack for pulling out a win even when the odds are against her. A strangely addictive and consistently fun read that keeps me entertained with every volume.


  4 .Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play


  Author/Artist: Yuu Watase


  Publisher:: Shojo Beat / VIZ Big / VIZ Media

  出版商:Shojo Beat / VIZ Big / VIZ Media

  Volumes: 18 / VIZ Big omnibus editions: 6


  Modern middle school pals Miaka and Yui stumble upon a mysterious book at the library that whisks them back in time to feudal China. Once the best of friends, Miaka and Yui become rival priestesses who must lead two groups of magical (male) warriors in a quest to control the kingdom.


  Fushigi Yugi is a classic example of 'harem manga', which features a heroine surrounded by an array of hunky hunks who (usually) want to be more than just friends. What sets Fushigi Yugi apart from the rest is its mix of epic romance and graphic life-and-death plot twists interspersed with moments of slapstick humor to keep it from getting way too heavy. It's a sprawling storythat can try your patience at times, but it's hard to deny that it's one of the best fantasy shojo stories ever written.


  5 .Nana


  Author/Artist: Ai Yazawa


  Publisher: Shojo Beat/ VIZ Media

  出版商:Shojo Beat/ VIZ Media

  Volumes: 21 (continuing)


  Two very different young women named Nana move to Tokyo, hoping to fulfill their dreams. Nana Komatsu has been unlucky in love, so she wants to get a fresh start (and maybe a new boyfriend) in the big city. Nana Osaki is a rock goddess-to-bewho wants to hit the big time with her band. The unlikely pair meet on the train to Tokyo, and end up becoming roommates and fast friends.


  As the years go by, Nana O. fulfills her rock and roll dreams, and Nana K. does find someone to love -- but it all comes at a steep price. Will their friendship survive the many ups and downs that fame and fortune brings to them?


  Nana is a beautifully-drawn series that is filled with heartfelt drama, big city glamor, fabulous fashion, rock and roll sassand many unexpected twists. It's the kind of shojo series that sucks you in and won't let you go, volume after volume.


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