职场英语:8个科技巨头公司的面试问题 敢来挑战吗?

2017-10-24 14:58



  Job interviews are tricky, so it helps to know what you're up against.


  Researching the company extensively beforehand certainly helps. So does compiling some quality questions to ask.


  Fortunately, some CEOs, recruiters, and HR representatives at top companies are quite open about the questions they like to put to candidates.


  Here are some questions you might get during interviews at tech companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and PayPal, according to the people asking them:


  'What are you doing on your best day?' — Facebook


  This question is all about tapping into a candidate's motivations and drive. And there's no right answer.


  "Whether it's meeting with clients, coding, or calculating a spreadsheet, it's going to be different for everyone," Facebook global head of recruiting Miranda Kalinowski previously told Business Insider. "That's the beauty of bringing all these people together."

  “不管是与客户见面,还是写代码,还是表格统计,每个人都不一样。”Facebook的全球招聘官Miranda Kalinowski较早前告诉《业内者》网站。“这就是把不同人们聚集在一起的美丽之处。”

  'What are you most passionate about?' — LinkedIn


  Not only will you be asked about your passions at LinkedIn — you'll be asked to sketch them out on a whiteboard.


  LinkedIn's head of recruiting Brendan Browne previously told Business Insider's Rich Feloni the goal is to get candidates to be "really spontaneous" in order to see how well they communicate and how they deal with ambiguity.

  领英的招聘官Brendan Browne较早前告诉《业内者》的编辑Rich Feloni,这个问题的目的在于让求职者的反应是“真实即兴的”,就想看看他们的沟通能力,以及处理模棱两可问题的方式。

  'Tell me whether it is better to submit a project that's perfect and late, or one that's good and on time.' — IBM

  “一份完美而且延迟的项目计划,和一份过得去而且及时的项目计划,提交哪一份更好?”—— IBM

  Obed Louissant, the VP of HR for IBM Watson, prefers this tricky question.

  Obed Louissant是IBM Watson的人力资源副总裁,他更喜欢狡猾的面试问题。

  "It's interesting when you get peoples' response to that," he previously told Business Insider. "I don't have a right answer for it. I'm not looking for a right answer. I am more looking at the way in which the person explains and reasons why they answered the way they did."


  'Why not Intuit?' — Intuit


  Intuit CEO Brad Smith likes to conclude his interviews with this doozy of a question, Business Insider reported.

  Intuit的行政总裁Brad Smith喜欢用这个特别的问题结束面试,根据《业内者》的报道。

  "That's intended to see if they have the courage to tell me the things they're wrestling with in the decision, which gives me a chance to try to overcome that objection in real time," he told Business Insider.


  'What did you learn this week?' — PayPal


  PayPal chief learning officer Derek Hann said he asks this question, even if it's only Tuesday. He said one of his company's core values is lifelong learning.

  PayPal的首席学习官Derek Hann表示,他会提问这个问题,即使这一天是周二。他表示公司的核心价值观之一是一辈子不断学习。

  "You should be learning with that level of frequency," he told Business Insider.


  'What are some of the most impactful experiences you've had in your career?' — Jet.com


  Liza Landsman, president of ecommerce site Jet.com, told Business Insider the goal is to hire kind employees, so excellent responses convey the candidate cares about those they work with.

  Liza Landsman是电子商务网站Jet.com的总裁,她告诉《业内者》这个问题的目的在于招聘待人友好的员工,因此出色的回答能够传递出求职者在乎与他们共事的人。

  'What would someone who doesn't like you tell us about you?' — Duolingo


  You need to feel comfortable discussing your flaws as well as your strengths. Duolingo CEO and founder Luis Von Ahn's favorite question requires an honest response.

  你得放宽心态,从容讨论你的优点与缺点。Duolingo的行政总裁以及创办者Luis Von Ahn最喜欢这个问题,他希望求职者给予真诚的回答。

  "I think the responses that are concerning are like, 'People who don't like me just don't understand me, and they're usually just wrong,'" he told Business Insider. "They're not taking responsibility for anything."


  'How do you make [an unreleased Youtube product] better?' — Youtube


  YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told the audience at a New York Times-hosted talk she likes to ask candidates how to improve Youtube products before they even come out.

  Youtube行政总裁Susan Wojcicki告诉《纽约时报》主办的访谈节目的观众,她喜欢提问求职者们如何在产品面世之前改善它的质量。

  Business Insider's Nathan McAlone reported, "If you can't think of a single way to improve a product you use a lot, you are in trouble."

  《业内者》的编辑Nathan McAlone这么报道:“如果你无法想到一个单一的方法改善一个你经常使用的产品,那么你就有麻烦了。”



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