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  Belgium is truly the heart of Europe. Gorgeous castles are essentially combined with modern architecture, old-fashioned breweries supply beer and malt liquor to casual street cafes, and local people gladly welcome foreigners, insatiable of adventures.

  Even the smallest Belgian town has a wide range of attractions to offer, starting from weird museum exhibitions to magnificent abbeys and chalets. However, being short of time can significantly reduce the number of sightseeing spots, which is why top 5 places to visit might be distinguished.


  It is obvious that Brussels is a top travel destination in Belgium. The sightseeing tours usually begin from Grote Markt Square. However, one could be interested in Mini-Europe Park, where all the masterpieces of European architecture are put, in miniature of course. Brusselians claim it is the only place in the world, where one can look at such a big number of magnificent sites. In fact, the total number is 300, among which the most cherished places are taken by Big Ben and Westminster Palace, Eifel Tower and Triumphal arch, Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate, Acropolis of Athens, Seville and Barcelona, etc. It is impossible to deny the presence of the European spirit.


  Besides being one of the oldest diamond centers in Europe, Antwerp was also the home of Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens House is nowadays turned into museum, devoted to the life and art of this notable artist. In fact, it was the house Rubens built for himself and his family. Regardless, there are fewer paintings by Rubens, as mostly they are exhibited in the world-known museums. On the contrary, visitors are offered to observe his sketches, simple designs and portraits. In addition, the entire construction might be considered Rubens’ art work, as it was designed and performed under the painter’s guidance, impressed with Italian Renaissance and Baroque styles.

  安特卫普不仅是欧洲最古老的钻石中心之一,也是彼得·保罗·鲁本斯(Peter Paul Rubens)的故乡。鲁本斯故居现在已被改造为博物馆,展示这位著名艺术家的生活和艺术。实际上,这座房子是鲁本斯为自己和家人建的,而屋内鲁本斯本人的画作并不多,因为画作大多都被送到知名博物馆展出了。可是,游客们也有机会细细观看他的素描、简单的设计和肖像画。除此之外,此建筑本身就是一个艺术杰作,由鲁本斯亲自设计和监造,深受意大利文艺复兴和巴洛克风格的影响。

  15 km away from Brussels travelers might find Gaasbeek castle. This is one of top ten castles in Belgium in all its glory. Notwithstanding it was founded in the 13th century, the modern image has been preserved since the 19th century. It has experienced numerous renovations due to constant battles and fires. All in all, to date one has a chance to observe a gorgeous interior adorned with magnificent collections of Renaissance painters, museum archive abundant in the documents of the 19th-20th century and marvelous gardens around. Recently, Gaasbeek castle became a subject matter of Guerlain Company’s sponsorship. Therefore, regular exhibitions of perfumes are organized there.


  The spirit of medieval times might be noticed in historical center of Mechelen. In particular, it is an oval square, surrounded by city walls that were built in the 13th century and partially ruined in the 19th. The main attraction of Mechelen is St. Rumbold’s Cathedral, situated nearby. Its carillon is considered the best one in Europe, so the city livelihood is almost under control of cathedral chime-balls. 49 tollers were casted since 1640.


  While visiting Belgium, it is impossible not to taste a drink of a national importance. This clearly refers to a beer. It is hard to count and to name all the beer sorts and breweries, dispersed all over Belgium. In contrast, attending of some beer museums is a must thing to do. One of them is arranged in Brussels, specifically Gueuze Museum of Beer-Making. Here enthusiasts also can try Belgian champagne, made of old and new beer sorts.


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