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We should not hesitate too much during the first half of our lives, while we should not regret at what we’ve done during the other half. We should seize every opportunity to find a way out in our lives, for it goes off swiftly. We should say something urgent slowly, something serious clearly, something small humorously and something unsure cautiously. We should never say something that did not happen, something that you cannot do, something that does harm to others, and something that is disgusting. We should tell others our happiness in specific occasions and should not tell anyone our unhappiness. Do not easily say something about others. We should follow our own heart and interest, and fulfill what we should do instead of merely paying lip service and looking forward to the future.


Everyone is craving for a happy life, but owning wealth does not necessarily mean owning happiness. To truly reach happiness, we need to know how to get on with others. So we need to understand the core of happiness and achieve what we desire.


Without happiness, one will feel terribly miserable, for he always insists that he has done the right thing all the time and that others often do wrong to him. He attributes every mistake to others or the environment instead of reflecting on himself, which renders him farther and farther away from happiness. A celebrity once said, “Nobody intends to make mistake. One makes mistake because of his igorance.” Therefore, if someone makes mistake, we need to care about him, forgive him and enlighten him by setting a good example for him instead of losing temper, hatred to him. Othewise, we are also ingorant like him, for we also make a stupid mistake that leads us farther from happiness.


We need to know and understand happiness before we finally get it. A smart man must know to do something good even though it may be small, and not to do something wicked even though it may be tiny in the course of socializing. As long as we keep a kind heart and do everything morally and legally, we can live a placid life. But if we keep an evil heart and do whatever we want, we are indeed digging a tomb for ourselves. A smart man knows to learn a lesson from his falls for he knows that every setback is a precious experience leading to happiness in the future. He will not waste his time in critizing others. Instead, he tends to spend more time seeking his own happiness. He knows to keep a heart of conscience and not to spread others’ mistakes. He also knows to think before he leaps so that he will not feel regretful afterwards. Moreover, he knows to tolerate others, so he can naturally lead a happy life.


In order to possess a happy life, we need to know more about others, about the society, about our culture and history. We should be patriotic, abide by the law and realize our own responsibility, then we are doomed to have a happy life.



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